Publitics' award-winning campaign team has provided candidates and committees at the federal, state and local levels insight-driven political consulting and strategies that move opinion and win the conversation.  

Practice Areas

  • Candidates & Committees
  • PACs & Independent Expenditures
  • Ballot & Constitutional Measures

Strategic Communications

Crafting and delivering an effective message to the right audience is essential for getting results. We’ve helped clients tell their stories through precise targeting and tailored strategic advice.

Digital Strategy

Navigating the segmented digital media landscape can be complicated. We help our clients target their audiences through the right channels, whether it be through outreach to bloggers, targeted advertising, social media or web development. We are Certified NationBuilder Experts.

Media Production

Telling your story effectively starts with attention-grabbing media that cuts through the clutter. From print to video, we can help you craft and deploy compelling video, print and digital.

Crisis Management

In a fast-paced digital world, crisis can move at the speed of the Internet. PubliticsPR+Digital helps clients leverage a variety of tools to both avoid crisis and to effectively communicate before, during and after crisis.

Direct Mail

We create precisely targeted attention grabbing direct mail that compliments efforts across media.

General Consulting and Campaign Management

We provide top-to-bottom strategic advice for campaigns, organizations and candidates.

Research + Intelligence

We provide high-impact research to help our clients navigate the competitive landscape:

  • Public opinion research and polling
  • Message testing
  • Qualitative research
  • Competitive intelligence

Case Studies

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