By 2018 Millennials will outpace every other generation in spending power and will soon become the largest voting bloc in the United States.  When it comes to reputation and trust of brands and organizations, what Millennials think matters.

In part 2 of our Millennials and Tech Giants Survey, we asked 400 U.S. Millennials what their views on regulation and tech brands' relationship with society.  


  • Tech companies enjoy positive sentiment amongst Millennials, but it is far from unconditional.  
  • Tech startups have garnered an image as scrappy underdogs in some cases, but Millennials recognize that the big tech brands are big businesses that need to answer to investors and shareholders.
  • Because of this, tech executives need to pay special attention to their reputation both with consumers and regulators.  Scandals and tone-deaf attempts to communicate through challenges threaten reputation.  

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