What the NY Times Learned After Four Months of Using Facebook Live

The NY Times has taken a head-first dive into Facebook Live, Facebook's live video feature.  The insights gleaned from four months of use provide a good look for brands and other content creators at what can be done with it and how to measure success.   

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Mossberg: On Social Media, Brands Everywhere

Brands are everywhere.  The question is, how do you stand out in a noisy digital world?  While Mossberg's piece is more an exploration of his personal take on the ubiquity of brands, he offers a very important point: To stand out, communication needs to be more about the brand (values and story) rather than products.  

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Why VP Biden Launched His Cancer Cure 'Moonshot' On Medium

Last week Vice President Joe Biden announced that his taskforce would crowdsource stories and research on Medium, a blogging platform.  The post on Medium is another example of the Obama Administration's use of non-traditional media to get their message out.  Platforms, like Medium, provide significant latitude to brands and organizations to craft their message as well as gives them a built-in audience with 25 million unique monthly visits. 

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Google is Testing Black Search Links

Google is constantly performing tests on colors, layout and other small details on their search pages.  Some users noticed last week that the links in their search results had turned black.  Small changes in the past have lead to significant benefits for Google, including increased click-through rates on advertising. 

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