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Experimenting to Improve Communication

Testing messaging is an important pillar in political communications, but it can also be invaluable to business, government and other organizations.  The Harvard Business review outlined research done in the UK to help improve the effectiveness of letters sent to prompt delinquent taxpayers to send their checks. 

The researchers employed a political social pressure technique now used frequently to boost voter turnout and found that the letter using the new technique was, in fact, more effective.  By testing the message and delivery, brands and organizations can improve their communication.  


Is a Tech Correction on the Horizon?

Some in the tech, startup and finance communities are forecasting a major correction for tech startups.  Whether or not any sort of correction ends up looking like the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2000 remains to be seen, but what is certain is, tech companies will have to communicate through challenges, including, for some startups, a difficult public policy environment, increased competition for funding and threats to reputation.  Strategic planning is key.  

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Snapchat Building an Ad Tech Platform

Snapchat is still very much in the early stages of getting into the advertising game.  Currently, the disappearing messaging app sells ads directly to advertisers (like their first political ad that ran last year for the American Action Network).  Now Snapchat is exploring automating the process through the development of an ad platform. 

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Trump Slipping Slightly in the Google Primary, Sanders' Search Terms More Favorable 

Online search interest isn't necessarily predictive of who will win elections, but it can show us a general level of interest that voters have in finding out more about specific candidates.  Leading up to and in the aftermath of the Iowa Caucuses, Trump lost search ground to Cruz and Rubio.  He has since rebounded, but it looks like voters are increasingly looking for more information on other candidates.  

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Google Trends is also useful for finding out just what voters are searching for as it relates to the candidates.  On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton in search volume and looks like he may be receiving more favorable data on search topics.  Below are the top five for both Sanders and Clinton: 

Top 5 Hillary Clinton questions

1. How old is Hillary Clinton?
2. Who can beat Hillary?
3. Where is Hillary Clinton today?
4. Will Hillary win?
5. How much is Hillary Clinton worth?

Top 5 Bernie Sanders questions

1. Where will Bernie Sanders be speaking?
2. Why Bernie Sanders?
3. Who would be Bernie Sanders' VP?
4. How to donate to Bernie Sanders
5. Where can I see Bernie Sanders in NH?

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