The Publitics team is excited to announce the launch of Publitics Insights[in motion], an interactive video series focused on providing research, analysis and insights on strategy, communications, politics, reputation management and more.  

The Publitics team will be collecting questions on the topics we will cover for each session.  For our first two installments, we'll cover:

2016 Elections Recap and Looking Ahead

The 2016 presidential election and down ballot races were unique in many ways.  We'll discuss what it all means for candidates, organizations and campaigns more broadly.  

Protecting Reputations in the Era of "Fake News" 

Social media has fundamentally changed the way brands and organizations have to communicate and protect their reputations.  The 2016 election cycle highlighted new issues in the decentralization of media, not least, social media's "fake news" problem.

To help kick off holiday season and our first two installments, we'll hold a drawing for an iPad Mini* to an individual who submits a question on our first two topics.  You can submit your questions to the Publitics team on the topics above on the form below.  All questions will be read anonymously. 

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* To be eligible to win the random drawing for the iPad mini, you must submit a question.  You will be eligible even if your question isn't read on the video as long as you provide a valid email address.  By submitting your email and question, you agree to subscribe to our newsletter.  Publitics respects your privacy and will never share your email with anyone.