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These Viral Posts May Be Disappearing from Facebook, the Reason Will Shock You

The reason won’t actually shock you.  Facebook recently announced that it is tweaking its algorithm again to improve user experience by filtering out some viral posts.  The social network has been asking users what types of viral content they prefer to see.  The algorithm update will reflect the results of the tests.  According to Mashable, hoax posts will likely get bumped down in the Newsfeed even if they have a significant number of shares and comments.

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Business & Politics Can Mix, But Not Always

He may be dominating the polls, but his brand outside of the Republican primary sphere has been taking a hit.  According to data from Digiday and 30db sentiment towards some of Trump's business ventures, have been decidedly more negative.  While there is nothing wrong with brands taking a stand and building a message around it, Trump’s particular brand of politics is a bridge too far for some consumers.  

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Twitter is Testing Ads for Logged Out View

Twitter has been working to find ways to appeal to a broader audience and boost its ad revenue.  Figuring out how to monetize the some 500 million logged out users that visit the site each month has been a big part of that effort.  To that end, Twitter has been testing promoted Tweets on its logged out site.  The move will, says the social network, grow the audience they can offer advertisers.  

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State of Starting Up in the Garden State Survey

We're partnering with LaunchNJ to run the State of Starting Up in the Garden State Survey again this year.  The survey's goal is to take the pulse of the entrepreneurial and startup community in New Jersey.  The results of this year's survey will be out in early January.  You can take a look back at last year's results at the link below.

2014 State of Starting Up in the Garden State Survey

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