What do Millennials think about artificial intelligence (AI)?

 Artificial intelligence has the capacity to reshape society, from changing how data is processed and interpreted to changing the way we work.  There is an emerging public debate on how best to approach artificial intelligence on how best to approach and potentially regulate it.  As a part of our Millennials and Tech Giants Survey, we asked Millennials what they think of AI.


Q. Do you believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is mostly good for society or mostly bad? 

Millennials are effectively split on whether they believe AI is mostly good or mostly bad for society.  37% believe AI is mostly good, 35% say mostly bad and 29% are unsure.  


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Q. Do you believe that artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be regulated?

Almost 3/4 of respondents believe that AI needs to be regulated, while just 10% believe it does not.  



What does it mean? 

As we have discussed, Millennials will outpace every other generation in spending power by 2018 and are fast becoming the largest voting bloc in the United States.  To the extent that the public will exert upward political pressure on issues relating to tech, digital media and AI, Millennials will be a significant part of the conversation.  

On the topic of AI, the jury is still very much out.  What is clear is there is uncertainty about whether AI is ultimately a good or bad thing for society.  Some of that may rest on the conditions in which AI continues to develop.  Will there be regulation?  What kind of regulations will be created?  Will AI create new jobs? 

As innovators and technology executives continue to move forward, it is essential to keep a finger on the pulse of the public to ensure that they have a clear view of the strategic landscape. 

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About the Survey

Publitics surveyed 400 U.S. Millennials through online opt-in surveys.  Care was taken to ensure that the sample was demographically balanced during data collection.

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