You are the face of your organization, brand or cause.  Perhaps you face crisis, or are rolling out a new initiative or product, or maybe you're looking to position your ideas and lead the conversation.  You need to tell your story in a clear and compelling way, whether in front of TV cameras or at conference session or during a pitch to investors.  We help our clients develop their message and hone their presentation through tailored coaching sessions and ongoing consultation.  

We've worked with candidates, executives, entrepreneurs and others to effectively prepare for cable news appearances, press events, conferences and more.  We provide hands-on coaching that emulates real-life situations to give our clients an edge.


  • Media Training and Presentation Coaching

  • Message Development and Speech Writing

  • Mock Interviews, Debates and Q & A's

  • Investor Pitch Coaching

  • Conference Presentation Preparation and Coaching

  • Message Testing & Focus Grouping

  • Image Consulting

  • Strategic Advisory

Irish Network USA National Conference

Irish Network USA National Conference

Fresh perspectives and insights for your organization or association.


The Publitics team provides organizations with outside insights and perspectives through tailored talks and seminars.  Our team frequently provides it's expertise to industry groups, businesses, conferences, briefings.  To book a speaker please contact

Our Speakers


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Matt Krayton | Founder & Principal

Matt is the Founder of Publitics.  Matt has consulted on campaigns at the local, state and federal
level as well as has served as an advisor to clients in the private and public sector through delivering goals-driven counsel and strategies.  He is currently an adjunct professor at Centenary University's business department, teaching in their first-of-its-kind social media program. 

Prior to founding Publitics, Matt worked at Fairleigh Dickinson University‚Äôs PublicMind Poll and later taught freshman seminar for political science students and in the Law in the Liberal Arts program as an adjunct instructor.   He has regularly offers his expertise to the media and has been quoted in ROI-NJ, Campaigns and Elections Magazine, Newsmax, Fast Company, E-Content Magazine, PR Daily, NJBIZ Magazine and more. 

Topics Include

> Social Media and Digital Strategy 

> Social Media and Politics

> Politics and Business 

> Communications Strategy

> Research 

We also develop fully custom presentations and seminars in our areas of expertise.  Please reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help. 

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