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Propelling Investment in Transit

Propelling Investment in Transit

When a coalition of elected officials and government entities in New Jersey needed to advocate for investment in light rail against a backdrop of stalled projects and political headwinds, they turned to Publitics to create a compelling brand, message and online presence.  

The Publitics team worked with the client to develop a concept brand and message.  We then tested the message and visual branding elements using cutting-edge research tools.  Once we tested the brand, we rolled out a new website, action tools and brand assets that propelled the conversation about investment in light rail forward.  

Case Study: Helping an Environmental Coalition Find Their Voice

The Challenge

An environmental coalition has been working to develop a campaign to bring attention to complex water planning rules.  Because of the technical nature of the subject matter, the coalition needed to develop easily digestible and compelling messaging for their outreach and communications efforts.

The Approach

The Publitics team conducted in-depth research to measure public attitudes and test messaging to provide the coalition with insight-driven strategy.  We then helped design an ongoing campaign to call for critical changes and updates to the water rules.  

The Results

While the campaign is ongoing, our research provided the coalition with the strategic insight they needed to move their campaign forward.  To date, the campaign has generated a highly-successful petition campaign.