The Challenge

In spring of 2015, a city and their financial consultant approached Publitics to help communicate the story of their financial recovery and progress to key stakeholders.  The city, like public entities across the United States, had been facing daunting financial challenges, which had drawn negative attention from national media.  Their reputation in the financial markets along with other key stakeholders had suffered.  

We were tasked with developing a strategy to assist in repairing the city’s reputation in the credit markets, dispelling misconceptions about complex recovery initiatives in the community and communicating a story of progress. 

The Approach

We developed a multi-pronged strategy to help engage key stakeholders.  We began by working with the financial consultant to dispel misinformation about bankruptcy and helped develop outreach materials and messaging that broke down the complex nature of the challenges at hand.  Additionally, we developed a targeted media outreach program to deliver the message that was focused on repairing city’s reputation in the financial community.  

The Results

Over the past year, the city has been able to able to tell a story of progress, generating positive coverage in national, financial, state and local media.  Our focus on reassuring stakeholders of stability and commitment to finding solutions has helped to open doors again in the financial community and generate buy-in from key stakeholders.  


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